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"Channeling a very calm Karen O in vocal, Fleur Wiber is the latest singer songwriter to tackle the path of macabre folk. Though treacherous, as Fleur proves, the trick pays off when done correctly... Though young in career, Fleur Wiber has already carved out an impressive sound for herself. Sounding sort of like Kyla La Grange if the Oxford peer had hugged her spaghetti western instead of opting for high production antics; Fleur Wiber offers everything you can ask of a ‘weird’ folk musician and more. Lead song “Fire” is literally about sending lambs to the slaughter, but it’s sung in such a compelling and innocent manner, you’ll find yourself cooing it hours later."

- Drunken Werewolf Magazine, UK

“Speechless..utterly speechless. Simply the best, most original, mesmerizing and hypnotic songwriting I've heard in months...i'm so glad you're based in UK cause i wanna hunt you down and prey around your next gig!! just a stunning sound..the production on these tracks is beautiful! Really love all the songs, and particularly love the play-out on "fire"..it's like The Xx being produced by Angelo Badlamneti....Genius!”
- MikeWhitePresents

"Everyone has a voice in their head, I just wish the one’s in my head were as calming as Fleur Wiber. I guess we know who the voices are in Leuspage’s head. Spoiler: it’s Fleur Wiber and her amazing voice." - Eat this Music

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